Russian Federation
Calendar year:  1992
Remark 1. Sales to Syria of arms produced in the USSR and not supplied from the territory of the Russian Federation are not included in the above reporting form. Remark 2. Transfers of arms to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Belarus are not included in the standardized reporting form of the Register, since these transfers are effected within the framework of the agreed division of property of the former Armed Forces of the USSR among the successor States of the USSR; this property is temporarily under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The particulars relating to these transfers are reflected in the military data which States provide under the terms of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and the 1992 Vienna document. Remark 3. Ground-to-ground missiles have not been supplied from Russia.
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Category (I-VII) Final
State of
(if not yours)
(if any)
Description of
Comments on
I. Battle tanks
United Kingdom 1
Oman 6
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Finland 84
Sierra Leone 4
United Arab Emirates 80
Uzbekistan 30
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
China 20
China 6 Training aircraft
VI. Warships
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 1
Poland 3 Payment for warship leased to Poland in 1991
Finland 1 Leased without arms as a museum piece
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
China 144
Nil imports
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