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Calendar year:  2010
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I. Battle tanks
Egypt 31 M1A1 tank
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Bahrain 100 M113A2 APC
Bahrain 100 M113A2 APC
Canada 2 Armoured security vehicle
Israel 6 Land Rover David AV
Kuwait 5 ADVS Desert Chameleon AV
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 11 M1151 HMMWV
Mexico 6 Sand Cat AV
Morocco 3 Bear Cat AV
Morocco 86 M577A2
Nigeria 2 Sand Cat AV
Peru 22 M1165 Special Ops HMWV
United Kingdom 11 Mastiff EOD
United Kingdom 10 Wolfhound vehicle
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 6 M1025A2 HMMWV
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Lebanon 30 M198 155mm towed howitzer
Saudi Arabia 18
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Morocco 1 F-16C
Morocco 2 F-16D
Pakistan 7 F-16C
Pakistan 7 F-16D
Rep. of Korea 2 F-15
United Arab Emirates 3 F-16
V. (a) Attack helicopters
Singapore 4 F-15
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
Australia 11 Missiles/torpedoes
Canada 4 ESSM
Denmark 2 Mk41 Vertical Launch System
Germany 16 ESSM
Japan 10 Launchers/missiles
Pakistan 214 AIM-120CAMRAAM
Rep. of Korea 1 Rolling Air frame missile launcher
Singapore 72 AIM-120C AMRAAM
Turkey 70 LAU-129A/A launchers
United Kingdom 204 Hellfire missiles
Nil imports
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