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I. Battle tanks
France 45 AMX-13 Combat vehicle
Austria 118 SK-105 Combat vehicle
United States 90 Sherman Combat vehicle
II. Armoured combat vehicles
France 149 Mowag; Glover; Panhard; Norinco Reconnaissance vehicle
United States 54 M548; M106 Armoured cargo vehicle
United States 3 Hummer M998 Communications
United States 11 LVTP-7 Tracked amphibious vehicle
III. Large calibre artillery systems
France 42 Argentina AP 155 mm AMX-TAM gun Armoured artillery
United States 11 155 mm howitzer Medium artillery
United States 6 105 mm AP howitzer Light artillery
Italy 77 105 mm howitzer Light artillery
France 354 120 mm mortar Heavy artillery
France 923 Argentina 81 mm mortars United States and France Medium artillery
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
United States 1 Boeing 707 Deccommissioned
France 2 Mirage III Decommissioned used for training
United States 1 Cessna 182 Decommissioned
United States 1 Learjet L 35
United States 1 Mentor B45
United States 1 Hercules 1-100 Put into serviec dec 1982
Russian Federation 7 Sukhoi SU-29 AR put into service jan 1998
United States 1 A-4AR Put into serviece Dec 1998
Brazil 1 Tucano Put into service June 1987
France 115 Argentina IA-58 Pucar√°; A-4AR; Mirage III and Mirage V Dagger; Super Etendard; Tracker (France and United States) Attack; bomber; fighter; anti-submarine
United States 29 OV-1D Mohawk; Boeing 707; Learjet L35; P-3B Orion; Beechcraft B200 Search and reconnaissance; aerial photography and analysis; maritime patrol
United States 63 United States and Netherlands Saab 340B; Hercules C-130 B, H, KC; Fokker F-27, F-28; Learjet 60; Cessna 182; Aero Commander 500; DHC-6 Twin Otter Transport; cargo; refuelling
Italy 18 Italy, US, Spain, Canada, Switzerland Fiat G.222; Sabreliner; Cessna T207; Merlin III and IV; Casa 212; PL-6 Porter General purpose
United States 130 Argentina United States, Brazil, Russian Federation AB 180; T-45 Mentor; Tucano; Glider tugs: PA-25, PA-28 D and R/31/34; Cessna 206; T-34 Mentor; IA 63 and 46 Training
V. (a) Attack helicopters
United States 2 Bell 206 B3 Reconnaisance and transport
Russian Federation 2 MI 17-1E Transport
Italy 52 US and Italy Agusta A109; UH-1H-Bell Huey II; Sea King Attack; assault; anti-submarine
France 12 Fennec AS 555 SN; SA 315 Lama TH designator; high altitude search and reconnaissance
United States 7 US, Italy, Russian Federation Bell 212; Agusta H-3; Mi-17 1E; Bell 206 Transport
France 10 France and United States SA.332; A103; UH3H General purpose
United States 19 US and France Hughes 500; Bell 212- Training; surveillance and reconnaissance
VI. Warships
Germany 3 Submarines
Germany 4 Destroyers
United Kingdom 2 Transport ships Fleet transport ships
France 9 Argentina Corvette
France 2 Patrol boats Coastal patrol
United States 5 Operational support ships Support and patrol
Germany 2 Speedboats
United States 3 Multipurpose vessels Various uses
France 1 Logistics vessel Logistical service
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
3 TOW 2A
France 18 MM In naval units
France 10 AM In aircraft
Italy 4 MA In naval units
Sweden 6 RBS-70 Anti-aircraft defence
United States 9 TOW 2 A Anti-aircraft defence
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