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Calendar year:  2012
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I. Battle tanks
Egypt 149 M1A1 Tank
Saudi Arabia 25 M1A1 Tank
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Iraq 30 M577A2 Command Post Carrier
Iraq 449 M113A2 APC
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Afghanistan 105 M69A 82mm Mortar Country of origin: Yugoslavia
Chile 12 M109A5 155mm Howitzer
Estonia 58 M252 81mm Mortar
Iraq 28 M198 155mm Howitzer
Latvia 10 M252 81mm Mortar
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Egypt 3 F-16C Aircraft
Egypt 4 F-16D Aircraft
Italy 2 F-16A Aircraft
Italy 1 F-16B Aircraft
Morocco 6 F-16C Aircraft
Pakistan 1 F-16C Aircraft
Rep. of Korea 3 F-15K Aircraft
Singapore 2 F-15 Aircraft
Turkey 11 F-16C Aircraft
United Arab Emirates 1 F-16 Aircraft
V. (a) Attack helicopters
Brazil 6 UH-60L Helicopter
Israel 3 AH-64D Helicopter
Japan 1 AH-64D Helicopter
Thailand 1 AH-1F Helicopter
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
Australia 23 Missiles
Canada 10 ESSM
Indonesia 4 Launcher Assembly
Japan 60 Missiles & Launchers
Japan 60 Missiles & Launchers
Germany 16 ESSM
Norway 2 ESSM
Rep. of Korea 4 Guided Missile Launcher
Rep. of Korea 16 Standard Missile
Rep. of Korea 144 RIM-66G Standard Missile
Turkey 32 ESSM
United Kingdom 2 GMLRS Unitary Pod
Nil imports
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