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Calendar year:  2012
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I. Battle tanks
Australia 1 Chieftain Deactivated
Czech Rep. 1 AMX13 Deactivated
France 1 T72 Deactivated
Greece 1 Centurion Museum display
Greece 1 AMX 13/90 Museum display
Jordan 1 Stuart M3 Museum display
United States 1 T54 Deactivated
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Australia 4 FV432 Deactivated
Australia 1 FV433 Deactivated
Australia 1 CVR(T) Sabre Deactivated
Australia 2 Ferret
Australia 1 CVRT Alvis Museum display
Australia 1 Scimitar
Belgium 2 Redfin 1B
Canada 2 CVR(T) Sabre
Canada 2 CVR(T) Sabre Collector
Canada 1 Striker
Denmark 2 FV432 Deactivated
Djibouti 7 FV432
France 12 Saxon APC
Germany 1 Saxon
Germany 1 AFV432
Greece 1 AFV434
Greece 1 CVR(T) Sabre Museum display
Greece 1 FV438 Museum display
Ireland 1 CVR(T) Stormer No weapons
Jordan 1 OT-65 FUG Museum display
Libya 1 M36
Netherlands 2 Saxon Private collection
Netherlands 1 FV434
Poland 1 FV432 , CVR(T) Stormer
Singapore 1 Bronco MK111
Slovakia 1 FV432
United Rep. of Tanzania 1 Saxon Private collector
United States 4 FV432
United States 1 FV433
United States 2 Ferret Deactivated
United States 1 CVR(T)
United States 1 CVR(W)
United States 1 BTR-60
United States 1 BRDM-2
United States 1 MK1 432
United States 1 GKN Mk2
United States 1 Spartan APC
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Australia 1 Russian 122 mm Howitzer Collector
Ireland 1 Nineteenth-century replica Timber Dwarf Proofed to fire blanks
New Zealand 1 6-inch breech-loading howitzer Proofed by London Proof House
Slovenia 1 Long Tom 152 mm artillery gun Deactivated
Switzerland 1 Russian 76 mm infantry gun Model M27 Deactivated
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Australia 1 Nakajima KI-43
New Zealand 1 Hanriot H-D1 Vintage biplane
Saudi Arabia 2 Tornado
Spain 1 Sepecat Jaguar T4 airframe
V. (a) Attack helicopters
United States 1 Mi-24 hIND
VI. Warships
Turkey 1 HMS Ark Royal Decommissioned
Nil imports
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