Calendar year:  2012
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I. Battle tanks
France 45 AMX - 13 Combat vehicle
Austria 118 SK 105 Combat vehicle
United States 90 Sherman Combat vehicle
4 Patagon Combat vehicle
II. Armoured combat vehicles
United States 638 Half-track; M 113; AMX-13; TAM France - Combat vehicle
France 149 Mowag; Glover; Panhard; Norinco other exporters: United kingdom, Sweden, China - Reconnaissance vehicle
United States 54 M548; M106 Armoured cargo
United States 3 Hummer M998 Communications
United States 11 LVTP-7 Tracked amphibious vehicle
III. Large calibre artillery systems
United States 3 Bell 206 B3 JetRanger single-engine helicopter Reinnesance and transport
125 155 mm gun medium artillery
United States 11 15 mm howzier medium artillery
France 42 AP 155 mm AMX-TAM gun Armoured artillery
United States 6 15 mm LAP howzier Light artillery
Italy 77 15 mm howzier light artillery
France 354 120 mm mortar heavy mortar
France 923 81 mm Mortar Experter also US
United States 115 IA-58 Pucar√°; A-4AR; Mirage III and Mirage V Dagger; Super Etendard; Tracker Attack; bomber; fighter; anti-submarine
United States 29 OV-1D Mohawk; Learjet L35; P-3B Orion; Beechcraft B200 Search and reconnaissance; aerial photography and analysis; maritime patrol
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Netherlands 63 Saab 340B; Hercules C-130 B, H, KC; Fokker F-27, F-28; Learjet 60; Cessna 182; Aero Commander 500; DHC6 Twin Otter Exporter also USA - Transport cargo refuelling
United States 18 Fiat G.222; Sabreliner; Cessna T207; Merlin III and IV; Casa 212; PL-6 Porter Exporter states: Italy; United States; Spain; Canada; Switzerland General purpose
United States 130 AB 180; B-45 Mentor; Tucano; Glider tugs: PA-25, PA-28 D and R/31/34; Cessna 206; T-34 Mentor; IA 63 and 46; Sukhoi SU-29 AR Exporter staes: Brazil; Russian Federation Training
V. (a) Attack helicopters
Italy 52 Agusta A109; UH-1H-Bell Huey II; Sea King Exporter state also USA - Attack; assault; anti-submarine
France 12 Fennec AS 555 SN; SA 315 Lama TH designator; high altitude search and reconnaissance
United States 10 Bell 212; Agusta H-3; Mi-17 1E; Bell 206 Exporter states also Italy and Russian Federation Transport
France 10 SA.332; A103; UH-3H Exporter states also USA General purpose
United States 19 Hughes 500; Bell 212 Training and search and rescue
VI. Warships
Germany 4 Destroyers
Germany 3 Sabmarines
United Kingdom 2 Transport Ships Fleet transport
France 11 9 - Covette, 2 Patrol boat Control patrol
United States 8 5 Operational support ships, 3 Multiple purpose ship coastal patrol
Germany 2 Speed boats
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
France 28 18 - MM, 10 AM In naval units and in aircraft
Italy 4 MA in naval unit
United States 10 6 - TOW 2A, 4 LzCh cal 105 SLAM Anti-aircraft defence
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