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Calendar year:  2013
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I. Battle tanks
United States 1 Chieftain Mk10 Deactivated
United States 1 Chieftain MK10 MBT Collector
Canada 1 Scorpion CVR(T) Collector
Finland 1 T34/85 Collector
Greece 1 T34 Collector
Greece 1 Chieftain MBT Museum display
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Australia 1 Ferret Collector
Australia 1 CVRT Stormer
Australia 3 FV 432 Museum display
Australia 1 OT64R2M SKOT Exhibition prop
Canada 1 CVR (T) Striker Collector
Canada 1 CVR (T) Sabre Collector
Canada 1 MK1 Ferret Collector
Canada 1 Ocelot
Canada 1 Stuart M3A1
Germany 1 Sa-8
Italy 1 Iveco LMV M65E19WM
Italy 1 Jankel Cab
Jordan 2 Springer
Lithuania 2 FV432 Museum Display
Mozambique 40 F430
Mozambique 25 Saxon
Rwanda 1 Fv430
Switzerland 1 Saxon
Switzerland 1 M3 Stuart
United Arab Emirates 1 Ford F550
United States 1 M3A1 Stuart Collector
United States 1 Alvis Daimler Collector
United States 1 CVR(T) Sabre
United States 2 Ferret
United States 2 FV 432
United States 1 FV 432 Collector
United States 1 MK6 Saracen APC Collector
United States 1 MK6 Saracen APC Collector
United States 1 Stug Collector
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Rep. of Korea 3 Zis-3 Deactivated
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Canada 1 Hawker Typhoon Vintage non flying display aircraft
Japan 1 Nakajima Ki-43 Museum
Saudi Arabia 8 Typhoon
United States 1 Curtiss P-47G Display
United States 1 Sepecat Jaguar T2 Dsplay
VI. Warships
Indonesia 3 Multi role light frigate
Turkey 1 HMS Campbeltown Decommissioned
Turkey 1 HMS Cumberland Decommissioned
Turkey 1 HMS Chatham Decommissioned
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
United States 294 Maverick AGM-65
United States 28 Maverick AGM-65G2
VII. (b) Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems (MANPADS).
Thailand 24 Starstreak
Nil imports
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