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Calendar year:  2014
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I. Battle tanks
Poland 1 Chieftain Museum Display
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Australia 3 German 1943 Panzer Collector
Australia 1 1959 FV601 Museum display
Australia 3 Sabre CVR (T) Museum display
Canada 1 Sabre CVR (T) Striker Collector
Canada 1 Sabre CVR (T) Scimitar Collector
Canada 1 CVR (T) Collector
Egypt 1 Jeep J8 Demo
France 1 STUG replica Collector
France 1 M36 SPG Collector
France 1 CVR (T) Collector
Japan 1 BRDM2 Collector
Malta 1 1959 Daimler Ferret
Netherlands 1 FV103 Display
New Zealand 1 CVRT Spartan Collector
Oman 1 Piranha 2
Poland 1 Abbot 433
United Arab Emirates 1 Typhoon Returned after UK exhibition
United Arab Emirates 1 Scorpion Returned after UK exhibition
Ukraine 75 Saxon
United States 4 FV432 Collector (3) & Commercial Use
United States 1 STUG Collector
United States 1 CVRT Spartan Collector
United States 1 Scorpion Collector
United States 1 Sturgeon ollector
United States 1 German 1943 Panzer Collector
United States 1 BRDM-2 Collector
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Australia 1 1944 Howitzer Museum
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
United States 1 Grumman F6F Hellcat Aircraft
United States 1 Tornado
Saudi Arabia 8 Typhoon
United States 5 F-86A Sabre Jet G-SABR
United States 1 Curtiss P-40B aircraft
Saudi Arabia 1 Tornado
United States 1 Jaguar
V. (a) Attack helicopters
Kenya 1 Bell 212
United States 1 Westland Lynx AH7
VI. Warships
Turkey 2 Type 42 Destroyer Decommissioned
Nil imports
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