Calendar year:  2004
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II. Armoured combat vehicles
United States 5 V150 Commando Gendarmerie
Brazil 4 Jararaca Gendarmerie
France 3 VRRG Berliet Gendarmerie
France 3 ERC Sagaie Army
France 2 AML-90 Army
France 2 AML-60 Army
Brazil 6 Jararaca Army
Brazil 3 Cascavel Army
France 7 LAV Republican Guard
France 1 LAV Radar Republican Guard
France 1 LAV PC Republican Guard
Brazil 4 Cascavel Republican Guard
France 6 Sagaie Republican Guard
France 6 AML-60 Republican Guard
France 6 AML-90 Republican Guard
III. Large calibre artillery systems
China 4 LRM 122mm Army
China 5 Cannon 106 SR Army
China 4 Cannon 105 HM2 Army
China 10 LRM 130mm Army
China 10 LRM 107mm Army
China 6 107mm Republican Guard
Spain 3 140mm Republican Guard
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
France 9 Mirage V Air Force
United States 2 T-34 Republican Guard
V. (a) Attack helicopters
France 2 Puma SA 342 L1 Republican Guard
France 3 Gazelle Armed forces' light aviation
VI. Warships
France 1 Batral Navy
France 2 P400 Navy
France 1 Fast patrol boat Navy
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
France 4 Milan Army
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