Calendar year:  1993
Figures given for exports include items for demilitarization, destruction, disposal, as well as deliveries to allied forces stationed in Germany.
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I. Battle tanks
Greece 54 Leopard 1 Of the 54 battle tanks, 22 arrived at their destination in Greece in 1994
Norway 76 Leopard 1
United States 27 T 72
Turkey 85 Leopard 1
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Thailand 18 APC CONDOR
Turkey 187 MTW M-113
Finland 110 BMP 1
United States 4 2 BMP 2 BTR 70
Sweden 9 MT-LB
United States 40 APC FUCHS
Kuwait 15 TM 170, police version
III. Large calibre artillery systems
United States 10 6 Armoured Howitzer 2S1 4 " 2S3
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Portugal 50 Alpha Jet
Greece 17 F-4
Turkey 15 F-4
United States 11 9 MIG-23 2 SU-22
VI. Warships
Turkey 1 1 Training ship
Greece 3 1 Submarine 2 Fast patrol boat
Rep. of Korea 1 1 Submarine kit One submarine kit arrived at its destination in the Republic of Korea in 1994
Indonesia 14 3 Coastal patrol boats 2 Landing craft 9 Mine Sweeper
Latvia 5 2 Mine Sweeper 3 Fast patrol boats Ships are partly demilitarized
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
Italy 1020 Missiles RP/C-M 26 Other purchases/sales within the collaboration of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be declared as procurement by the end-user. The figures for Italy do not include test missiles (type R
Nil imports
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