Ukraine  -  Calendar year :2005
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Category (I-VII) Final
Number of
State of
(if not exporter)
Intermediate location
(if any)
of item
Comments on the transfer
I. Battle tanks
Azerbaijan 25 T-72
Algeria 21 T-72
Georgia 16 T-72
II. Armoured combat vehicles
Azerbaijan 2 BMP-1
Kazakhstan 2 BTR-3E
Georgia 12 BMP-2
Georgia 10 BTR-80
Uganda 12 BMP-2
III. Large calibre artillery systems
Azerbaijan 11 RS3V 9A52
Azerbaijan 72 PM-38
Georgia 6 2S3
IV. (a) Combat aircraft
Belarus 4 L-39S
Viet Nam 3 Su-22
Estonia 1 L-39S Demilitarized
Estonia 1 Demilitarized Museum exhibit
Estonia 1 MiG-23MLD Museum exhibit
Yemen 12 L-39S Demilitarized
United Kingdom 3 L-39S Demilitarized
Slovakia 2 L-39S
Czech Rep. 1 L-39 Demilitarized
V. (a) Attack helicopters
Georgia 6 Mi-24
Georgia 2 Mi-8MT
Congo 1 Mi-24
Latvia 2 Mi-8MT Demilitarized
Lithuania 1 Mi-8MTV-1 Demilitarized
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers
Algeria 2 R-40
Kazakhstan 12 R-27
China 363 R-27
Slovakia 3 R-27
United States 1 9K52 Missile system
United States 4 9P117M1 SKAD-B system launching equipment
VII. (b) Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems (MANPADS).
United States 29 9M39 “Igla” Missiles
United States 6 9P516 Launching mechanism

Nil imports

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